The project “Map Icons Collection” was created by Nicolas Mollet under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY SA 3.0).

This license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon our work even for commercial reasons, as long as you credit the project and license your new creations under the identical terms.

If you want to use the icons for your project, giving proper credits is required. Valid credits:

Logo-Url:×31.gif (please do not hotlink that image!)

Some icons are derived from the project SJJB Map Icons by SJJB Management, licensed under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication.

Some icons are derived from the project User Interface Design Framework by Webalys.

47 Responses to License

  1. I would like to use your icons on my map, is it ok if I give a link to your site underneath?
    I am not using these yet on the main site, but I have inserted them on my plan

  2. Pavel says:

    can I use those your icons if I setup my own tile server using OSM data?

    • nicomollet says:

      You can use the icons for every kind of use, as long as you respect the license :
      Attribution — You must credit the project
      Share Alike — If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

  3. Bayu Amus says:

    I think your map icons are great, especially with its color and style customization feature.

    Just like to inform you that currently they are being used on our comunity’s map here:; it’s a map of UFO sighting over Indonesia from the past 40 years, and they look awesome with your icons.

    I have put the backlink as well though due to Google Maps limitation it is not a hyperlink.

    Keep up the good work!


    Bayu Amus

    BETA-UFO Indonesia

  4. Dmitry Zhuk says:

    Hi Nicolas
    I have extensions for joomla for creating maps. Can I added your icons into my projects, and in about write redits? And if yes, the second question – my exts in GNU GPLv2 or later, and how I can use yours (may be I have to write about CC BY SA 3.0 for your icons)

  5. Nilesh Manohar says:

    awesome icons!!!!!

  6. msson says:

    Hi, Nicolas..
    I have been developing mobile app to use in smart phone.
    (I'm mobile software developer)

    I think your map icon are great and so I would like to use your icons originally on map in my mobile app,
    My app is not yet opened in market.
    I have put a credit and hyperlink in my app's info menu.
    My app's screenshot URL is below.

    Please allow me to be able to use your work.

    p.s.> I'm not good at writing English. ^^;;

  7. msson says:

    I have updated my app's MapView and info popup to include logo.
    I have added a MapView screenshot.
    (All your works to be used in my app are displayed)


  8. Eric says:

    I'm thinking about using your icons for a maps plugin, but in addition to using some of your icons directly I've adapted your icon style to create a custom icon using our corporate logo.
    I don't think it's a good idea (nor do I think I have the authority) to re-release an image containing our trademark under a CC BY-SA license, but I have no problem crediting the Map Icons Collection or passing along the license for the icons I haven't edited.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    • nicomollet says:


      I see your problem, an icon containing a trademark can't be released under CC BY SA officially.
      From my point of view, I think you should create an icon with your trademark, I won't bother you with the license 🙂
      A credit is always welcome and it's what matters most to me.

  9. Jardo says:

    Hi Nicolas; I would like to use the icons (only 13) in an android app where I will have small unreal offline map where I will use them. I plan to sell the app. I will not change the icons in any way and will put them o the map as is.
    As I am not familiar with CC BY SA Iam not sure whether attribution (I will credit in app about screen) is enough in this case.

    • nicomollet says:

      If you use CCBYSA icons in your app, your app stays with your own license. It's just that you need to credit my project: "Map markers from Map Icons Collection".
      And if you rework, build new icons with help of Map Icons Collection, you should mention it: Icons derived from Map Markers Collection.

      After mentionning my project, you can use the icons for commercial project too, so yes you can sell your app.

      Please credit Map Icons Collection at least in a page of your application. A mention in the installation description is optional but appreciated.

  10. mystaire says:

    Hi Nicolas Mollet

    Can i use your icons on my website ?
    It's a public site !


  11. mystaire says:

    Bonjour Nicolas Mollet,
    Je voulais savoir si j'avais le droit a l'utilisation de tes icônes !
    Utiliser pour un site grand public !

    Par avance je te remercie.

    Mr Saidani
    Beaux travail 😉

  12. Mohamed says:

    Hello Nicolas,
    Ai-je le droit d utiliser quelques icones pour un site grand public

    Par avance je t'en remercie..
    Et encore merci

  13. Laura says:

    My name is Laura and I am contacting you regarding the use of your map markers.
    I selected some of your markers to be a part of a Geo-narrative, which I have created for a first year university assignment. The creative commons licence for these graphics does not require me to contact the author, however in the interest of networking, I am contacting you firstly to thankyou for the use of your graphics (which i have referenced appropriately), and secondly to invite you to take a look at my Geo-Narrative to see how your graphics were incorporated.
    Kindly, Laura.

  14. Asim says:

    I am planning to use your icons in an Android App that I am making. It will be free and might have a paid version in future. I will credit the project in the application.

  15. Pantelis says:

    My name ia Pantelis and I used your icons in my site "". Please what you mean when you are saying credit?
    How can I make a credit for your fantastic icons?

    • nicomollet says:

      Hello Pantelis
      Crediting is mentionning the project, like put a link/mention "Map markers by Map Icons Collection" in a faq/legal/about/footer section of your site.
      Thanks a lot.

  16. Hello Nicolas,

    Can i use your icon for my theme will be sell on I'll need place credit to your site? Or donation?


    • nicomollet says:

      You can use the icons on your premium theme yes.
      But every site using the icons must credit the project, this is a requirement by the CC BY SA 3.0 license. This means, your users will have to mention, individually, that they are using Map Icons Collection. You can't simply put a credit on your theme description, it wouldn't be enough.
      Kind regards

  17. Gian Paolo Saliola says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    I’m Gian Paolo Saliola, do you remember of me?
    How are you? I hope very well.
    I’m developing a new iPhone app and I should wish to use some of your great icons 😉
    Are you agree? Of course I’ll mention your web site in app store page.
    Thank you very much.
    Have a nice day.
    Gian Paolo

  18. TRv says:

    Hello Nicolas,

    Tes icones sont superbes ! Nous avons monté un projet dans le cadre d’un concours sur les OpenData, et nous avons utilisé ton travail sans le modifier.

    Nous avons pris le soin d’inclure dans une page de remerciements, un lien vers ton site, ton nom en tant qu’auteur et le petite vignette Gif.

    Est-ce que cela te convient ou avons nous besoin de faire plus ? Si c’est le cas n’hésite pas à nous en informer au plus vite !

    Merci encore !


  19. Eschenhorn Frantz says:

    Can I use the Map Icons Collection for a non commercial association.
    I create a web site for this association.
    Thank you

  20. Jiaming says:

    I am making a Web App and would like to use your icons. I will give credit to your site in a license page. Please let me know if this is appropriate.

  21. Lee says:


    I am building a map based directory website for campsites with fishing facilities, I am using your icons and have added your Logo with a backlink on the homepage in the footer.

    Please confirm this is OK?



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