Host the icons on Google Drive

Here is a tutorial to host the icons on your Google Drive account:

1/ Inside Google Drive, create a folder called “MapIconsCollection”

2/ Right-click on the folder “MapIconsCollection”,and use the “Share” menu, a popup will open, change “Who has access” into “Public on the web”

3/ Don’t close the popup, click “Copy Link”. This will copy a link like: with 0B21DW8BAAHkZdzU3ZUJFTWk3b1U being the docid of my folder. Yours will be a different.

4/ Enter the folder “MapIconsCollection”

5/ Now download some icons you need

6/ Upload the icons into the “MapIconsCollection” folder

7/ Now go to the URL:[docid] with [docid] being your docid. The following page will list all the icons in your folder.

8/ For each icon, left-click on the filename of the icon, and “Copy Link Address”.

9/ Now you can paste the URL in Google Maps or other maps applications.

Tutorial updated on January 27th 2015.