Can I change the size or resolution of the icons?

No, the icons are created in bitmap, and size/resolution can’t be increased.

How do I put the icons on my maps ?

This project doesn’t allow you to hotlink the icons. Once you found the icons you want to use on your maps, you must host the files on your own server or on a file sharing service like Dropbox and Google Drive.

If you have a Dropbox account, created before September 2012, follow the tutorial Host the icons on Dropbox

Or you can host the icons on Google Drive

Are the icons really free ?

Yes, they are. You don’t need to pay to use them. All you need is to credit the project. Also, you may donate to the project to show your appreciation and to support future development. You can use them for non-commercial and commercial purposes.

The license, what do I need to do to respect it ?

The only thing you have to do, is respect the licence : you must credit the project (name, logo, url) in your site or application.
For example, write the credits in the FAQ or credits page of your site.

Why the icons are now showing “hot linking disabled”?

You are hotlinking the icons & hotlinking has been disabled. This goal of this site isn’t hosting files. You need to download the files and host them on your own server or using Dropbox public directory, for example.

The icons disappeared (only on Firefox8)

Firefox 8 introduce a new security setting, and custom icos on Google Maps won’t appear anymore. IE8, Chrome, Firefox 7 are still working at this point.

1) How to fix for Firefox 8, if the icons are on a standard hosting server :

Create an .htaccess file, with this content at the top of the file :

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

2) How to fix for Firefox 8, if the icons are on Dropbox :

Currently, there is no fix. I am investing a solution from Google, or Firefox, or Dropbox. I recommend stop using a file sharing service and host the icons on a server you can maintain.

How do I download all the icons at once?

Download all the icons from the markers page, then click the “Zip file” button at the top. All files (not the alternative versions) will be included, but are not separated in folders.

To download icons individually, you need to right-click, then “save as” on the icon you want to download.

Is there a shadow image ?

Yes, here it is :

I have an icon directory site, and want to host the Map Icons Collection ?

If you just want to host the icons, then no I don’t see the point of it. Please just make a link to this site.

Are the icons available in vector files?

The icons were created in bitmap only, there are no vector files.


Zip icon by THVG http://thvg.deviantart.com/