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Murder Map iPhone app

Murder Map brings you details and backstories of over 540 actual murder cases that have occurred in London, UK over the years. As well as famous cases like The Assassination of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, Jack the Ripper or Dr. Crippen, as well as day to day murders.

  • Read about the murders and their victims.
  • See which murders haven’t been solved (maybe you can help).
  • You can also see what murders have taken place near you (in London, UK), in your borough.
  • Once you have read a case, it will be ticked, so you know that you have already read it.
  • New cases will be added periodically.
  • Whether you live in London or are just visiting, the cases make for interesting reading.

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Find a School

We provide a simple and convenient way of accessing information about primary schools in England: from Ofsted reports and Key Stage 2 results, through to admissions data. We collect all this information in one place, and give you the tools to make sense of it all.

For schools in the London, we also show Successful Admission Areas. These are the approximate areas you would have needed to live in order to get into the school in previous years.

Visit Find a School is a cityguide dedicated to Stuttgart (Germany) which includes clubs, restaurants, bars, cafés, takeaways and theaters.


Find a Bookshop in South Africa

The site aims to be the premier site in South Africa to help readers find bookshops in their area.

Visit Find a Bookshop in South Africa

Google Map Shortcode WordPress plugin

This plugin allows you to include instances of Google Map in your blogs with a simple editor button. You can insert maps everywhere: in your theme files, posts and pages. The points can include custom title, description, marker and thumbnail.

Special Features:

  • The Editor button allows to include points and maps.
  • Custom markers allowed.
  • Based on Google Maps Javascript API Version 3.
  • Faster and more applicable to mobile devices.
  • Open Google Map in new window.
  • Maps in multiple languages.
  • Allows to deploy multiples maps in a single page.
  • Points under post categories can be included.
  • Allows to insert maps into the content and theme files.
  • The window box opened display part of the content of your posts like: post title, thumbnails, excerpt or a custom title description and thumbnail.
  • You can customize the html of the info window box on the settings.
  • The plugin is based on WordPress shortcode and allows many options like: initial zoom, width, height, categories, post ID, specific address, marker and thumbnail.

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