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Popturf – Pop culture locations

See the locations where they filmed scenes in our favorite movies and tv shows. Visit the places where pieces of music history were added to the big puzzle. To witness the settings where the characters in our favorite books and novels made their big decisions. To visit the spots where we selflessly saved the world in our favorite video games.

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Guide2Dubai – Everything Dubai

Dubai has become a thriving city and tourist destination with more than 10 million visitors a year. Travel to Dubai for world-class dining, unparalleled shopping and recreational activities for every style and taste. Guide2Dubai gives you information on local attractions, hotels, restaurants, properties, jobs, sports, entertainments and more.

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Babies and Toddlers Directory in Australia

Find, Share and Review baby activities and places in your local area. Are you looking for a new playground, a child-friendly cafe, a great Online Shop or a playgroup – Babies and Toddlers can list anything and everything related to parenthood, in Australia.

Visit Babies and Toddlers – Popular holidays destinations [german] is a german travel-site that lists popular holiday destinations from all over the world. The focus of the site is to list destinations that are highly relevant for german tourists. The site is clearly structured and presents detailed informations for countries, cities and sights. The site uses maps based on openstreetmap-data on many pages. Check out the page for the Empire State Building in New York or the page of for the Burj al Arab in Dubai to see how Map Icons Collection and maps are integrated.

Visit – Compilation of Philippine Treks, Tourist Destinations and GPS Waypoints logs travels and adventures that trekkers have done around the Philippines. It details treks with photos, essays, guides, tips, and even navigational aids like GPS data, waypoints, routes and many more. Please see the Gallery of Featured Destinations and the Waypoints List.
Two things are featured :

  • Philippine trekking
  • GPS usage.

It aims to fuse these two aspects together and make this website the GPS traveller’s guide to the Philippines. Basically, it is your “what’s-a-nice-place-and-how-to-get-there” website.