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Find stuff near you fast – no searches. Works without GPS. Ad Free.

YouAreHere and no one else is here like you. YouAreHere is easy to use local discovery app and more. It finds stuff near you on the map. No searches. Pan the map in any direction for automatic and quick updates. You’re not bound to your location.

Plus we let you add great deals that you find and share those on your social network. Location based deals for you powered by you!

Features List:

  • Simple idiot-proof interface
  • Best battery saving in location based class
  • Largest US retailer interactive directory with large colorful logos and tags
  • Powerful and smart filters allow you customize what is displayed
  • Scan beyond your location by just panning on the map; not limited to your current location
  • Deal tagging and sharing on social networks, SMS, Email etc.
  • Two clicks for direction, two click for quick dial and one click for detailed search.

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A big thank you to Ajay for his donation.

London Map 2012 – iOS app

Offline Map of London with GPS location tracker. No internet or wifi required to browse maps or to track your location. All the Games Venues marked on the map.


  • Maps are Completely Offline
  • Includes location tracker
  • Search Places using Sport name, Venue or Railway Station name to get all the games venues nearby
  • Covers a very large area in London, including Wembley, Greenwich and Hampton.
  • All games venues in London and Railway stations marked
  • Includes details of Venues with directions on how to get there
  • Includes tube map of London
  • Driving mode setting, for touch-less operation during driving.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration(requires internet)
  • Add schedule for your favorite sport to your phone’s Calendar
  • Choose what sport to add
  • Calendar entry added for your local time zone
  • Option to add with or without a reminder so you will not miss any action on live TV

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Tradr – Your Shopping Community

Create your own commerce website, add listings to our products/business/events directory and get social with your customers.

Tradr provides affordable business and marketing services to help them compete with large online and offline retailers.

A small business can create an eCommerce shopfront on your his domain, hosted on Tradr servers, marketed by Tradr community based directories.

Buyers can also visit Tradr product directory to get involved in discussions and comparison shop to your hearts content.

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Spatial Scrawl – blog about geospacial tools and GIS

Mike Morellato presents his solo trip to Golden Ears to check out Evans Peak. The maps include pictures, elevation profile, GPS data downloads and a quick trip report.

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Dodota – Real estate listing (persian language)

Dodota is an online real estate listing web application.

People can search homes, lands and office spaces through the intelligent advance search page on the map to either buy or rent.

Property owners and realtor can list their property with full specifications, Geo-location and pictures for free on Dodota very fast with few clicks.

Dodota is utilizing google map for depicting the search results on the map therefore it support world wide, however Dodota has been developed in Persian-Farsi so, currently Persian language users can work with Dodota. Tehran, Mashad, Karaj, Isfahan, Tabriz, Rasht, Shiraz, Kish are the most populated persian spoken cities in the world. Developers on Dodota are considering to add support for other languages in near future.
Adding a free listing or searching for a property in Dodota.

دودوتا یک وب سایت معاملات املاک با قابلیت جستجوی هوشمند نقشه و فیلتر چند بعدی است. مالکان میتوانند  آگهی خانه ، آپارتمان ، مغازه ، ویلا ، دفترکار، زمین ، مستغلات و یا هر نوع ملک دیگر خود را برای فروش ، رهن و اجاره به صورت رایگان در کمتر از  پنج دقیقه به همراه تمام مشخصات، موقعیت جغرافیایی و عکس در دودوتا قرار دهند. از آنجایی که دودوتا از نقشه گوگل استفاده نموده است این سرویس قابلیت استفاده در تمام دنیا را دارد. در حال حاضر دودوتا به زبان فارسی بوده و برای فارسی زبانان قابل استفاده است ولی برنامه نویسان در نظر دارند این سرویس را برای استفاده دیگر زبان ها نیزگسترش دهند