London Map 2012 – iOS app

Offline Map of London with GPS location tracker. No internet or wifi required to browse maps or to track your location. All the Games Venues marked on the map.


  • Maps are Completely Offline
  • Includes location tracker
  • Search Places using Sport name, Venue or Railway Station name to get all the games venues nearby
  • Covers a very large area in London, including Wembley, Greenwich and Hampton.
  • All games venues in London and Railway stations marked
  • Includes details of Venues with directions on how to get there
  • Includes tube map of London
  • Driving mode setting, for touch-less operation during driving.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration(requires internet)
  • Add schedule for your favorite sport to your phone’s Calendar
  • Choose what sport to add
  • Calendar entry added for your local time zone
  • Option to add with or without a reminder so you will not miss any action on live TV

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