Issues with Firefox8 and Dropbox (update 2: partially fixed)

Firefox 8 (and 9) came out recently and now supports cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). The problem is that Dropbox, Photobucket and other file sharing providers don’t.

On Firefox8-9, the icons you uploaded on a file sharing service won’t show up anymore.
I am trying to find a solution with Dropbox.

If Dropbox can’t support CORS, then Dropbox can’t be used to host the icons. A traditional file hosting would be the only way to load the icons on Firefox. Of course, it means editing every icon on all your maps, which is a lot of work !

I will keep this post updated in case I find a better way. Suggestions are welcome, please post your comments and ideas.

Update 1 (January, 09 2012):

  • Google Maps: is supposed to work on a fix… no specific date for this.
  • Firefox: won’t fix anything, not their problem.
  • Dropbox: still not working, no news from them.
  • Photobucket: still not working, no news from them.
  • Picasa: always worked, it’s the only file sharing service working at the moment on ff8+
  • Google Sites: still not working, and no news from them.

Check this test map to see which file sharing services are working or not.

Update 2 (January, 10 2012):

Google Maps have been fixed today and the icons will now appear again on Firefox 8+ !

The new Google Maps mode “MapsGL” still won’t display the icons (on Firefox & Chrome)… Picasa is still the only file sharing service working with “MapsGL” mode.

Permanent solution on shared hosting or dedicated server (not using file sharing services)

If you own a (Apache) server, and can access FTP files, icons will show again if you do the following:

  1. Create a file named .htaccess with a text editor
  2. Put the following line into this file:
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
  3. Save the file
  4. Upload it to the root folder with your FTP app (beware it you already have a .htaccess file : in this case, you must add the line “header set…” in the existing htaccess file)
  5. Reload your map … voila!


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